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RC Europa is a leading international trade show company which designs, produces and installs impactful trade show exhibitions. We have built our reputation and image on the quality of the projects and services we supply. We succeed when our clients do. As exhibition stand contractors, we build strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients, understanding where we can make an impact. We work closely to comprehend every detail of their business.


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Creativity is the foundation of the work we develop, that allows us to create exclusive projects, adjusted to the needs of each of our clients. The creativity of each project is never limited: it rises beyond physical limits, inspires trade show visitors and makes a lasting impact.


We are in control of all stages of the process, which allows us to deliver projects that we know inside-out. We regard each project, no matter how large or small with the same priority and endeavor so that our clients' needs are always met. All projects are delivered with highest quality materials and work. The contractors at RC Europa are proud of the seamless processes applied to the exhibition stands, which keeps our client’s coming back again and again.


Our team of highly experienced professionals, are fully committed to the work they do and the challenges they are set. Our people are the heart and soul of our company and at RC Europa we are proud to say that we have the best, in every single stage of the process. From design to manufacturing to logistics and customer service. We rely on our own workforce which guarantees that the project is well looked after. Relying on our workforce is a guarantee that the project is well looked after. To meet your hightest standards and expectations: that’s what RC Europa’s team constantly thrives to achieve by giving shape to your ideas through design and physical structures.


At RC Europa we are passionate about what we do and believe that the devotion to each project we are involved in is essential for any idea to be a success. 
From the work developed at RC Europa, clients can expect excellence. You can rely on us to give our very best and excel in every step of the process. 




Please introduce yourself and tell us what your role at RC Europa is.

French native, I spent my childhood in the USA and graduated in Germany. For over 20 years, I have delivered successful exhibits and events around the globe from Australia to Brazil, Dubai, Germany, China, Spain and more. I am based in RC Europa’s US office and manage the Sales Team on a global scale. I am passionate about our clients, our company, our ever-changing industry and the great people we meet along the way.

Can you give us an insight of what were the most impactful projects in the past years? Why?

Designing and building the exhibit program for some of the world’s most influent companies such as Visa, Microsoft, Revlon and FLIR Systems while integrating the latest technologies, bringing cars, motorcycles, boats and incredible performers to the show floor has always been very exciting for me. Building entire pavilions for the World Expo in Kazakhstan in 2017 has demonstrated our ability to design and build any design of any scale, anywhere in the world.

Which are the main changes the exhibition sector has seen recently?

The exhibition sector is evolving exponentially. With the help of technology (location services, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, reliable exhibition WIFI…) exhibit designers are creating more immersive exhibition experiences. Show organizers are also changing their format, integrating technology, conferences, workshops, networking events and duplicating their shows internationally to answer to the need of globalization. Marketing manager, increasingly pressured to measures and improve the ROI/ROO of the events and exhibitions they manage, collaborate closer than ever with their exhibit company to help them achieve greater goals and generate more business.

How is RC Europa tackling these challenges and what sets us apart from other trade show and exhibit companies?

RC Europa has always been about integrating production, knowledge and know-how instead of outsourcing them. This helps us guarantee the success of the experiences we design and the control the costs to the benefit of our clients. With in-house production and offices on 4 continents, we can deploy international exhibit & event programs in a breeze. Our in-house technology department enables us to integrate the latest technologies to our client’s projects. All this would mean nothing if it wasn’t for our teams that work relentlessly, around the clock and around the world, to guarantee the success of our partners and clients.

Why is it so important that companies choose the right partner for their trade show or event?

Why is it so important to have a good pair of shoes to run a marathon? Try using flip-flops and tell me how it worked out for you…! The answer to this question is: it is vital. Vital for the exhibiting companies that invest considerable money in live marketing and need positive ROI. Vital for Marketing Managers and Event Managers that have their job at stake.

We are experiencing a shift in the market and strategic partnerships are becoming more and more relevant. Can you reveal which partnerships RC Europa has at the moment?

RC Europa has always believed in partnerships. We work with some of the world’s most influent architects, some of the most successful exhibit companies from Europe, Asia and America, but also with foreign governments in the planning of EXPO 2017 (Kazakhstan) and EXPO 2020 (Dubai).




RC Europa is a multifaceted company and therefore the facilities are flexible and ready to accommodate any need. In our 12,000 sq. m. (130,000 sqf) facilities, we invest in knowledge and expertise as much as in technology and monitoring of each project. 


Flexible facility management allows for 2000 sq. m. (22,000 sqf) of the total area to be reserved for the storage of clients´ inventory, 6000 sq. m. (65,000 sqf) for the construction and pre-assembly of exhibits. We also have an area of 500 sq. m. (5,500 sqf) for graphic production that we do in house.

Professional equipment

Another 500 sqm (5,500 sqf) are used for professional spray painting, which enables us to deliver perfect, smooth finished to our exhibits.

Honest Quality

Our facilities give us the right space and tools to be able to deliver highest quality exhibits and the flexibility to let creativity and our client’s visions lead the way.

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