World expo Astana


“Future Energy" was the theme that illustrated World Expo
Astana 2017, from June 10th to September 10th.

More than 30 million visitors were able to cover 1130 km2 with structures designed from scratch to celebrate innovation, forthcoming solutions and global impact. RC Europa has developed three innovative suggestions for Kazakh state-owned companies, distinguishing itself by an overall global concept, by carefully thought-out design and the strategic planning of all the teams involved. At a globally, highly mediated event with more than 100 countries and 10 international organizations involved, RC Europa responded successfully to each project. 

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Give us an outline of RC Europa’s work at EXPO 2017 Astana.

RC Europa was strategically positioned to set up the pavilions of three Kazakh state-owned companies: Kazatomprom, with The Atomuic Pavilion, together with the world's largest atomic energy companies, Kazakhstan's railway and logistics company, the world's seventh most important, and a colossal Chinese group – Citic Group. It was a unique process, since RC Europa produced everything from the concept to the dozens of interactive games and original films, models with mechanically dynamic elements, to a suspended model with 21 meters in length. Customers placed their trust in RC Europa in the planning of all multilayer content, from the original idea and concept up to the technical details of visitor information in three languages.

What were the highlights of the pavilions?

A total of 2400 sq m. The entire first floor – the most important – in the Corporate Pavilion of Expo 2017 was RC Europa´s full responsibility. Furthermore, we embraced the challenge issued by the Kazakhstani Prime Minister's Office to solve a critical situation of an exhibition company that failed to accomplish a task – we ensured several installations from the start in seven days. The cargo aircraft we hired for transport, landed in Astana two hours before the flight exclusion zone closed, since several Heads of State were about to arrive for the Opening Session of Expo 2017. It was a huge challenge we mastered with upmost efficiency and reliability.

What was the impact of these projects on a global scale?

The impact was extremely positive, particularly among the resident population and those responsible locally, since, in very diverse circumstances, Kazakhstan's iconic companies were able to show that they can compete at equal level and even some national pavilions in representing what they do best on the theme "Energy for the Future". Thanks to our work at EXPO 2017, I believe we have increased the standards for these companies, and others in Kazakhstan, in the way they present themselves internationally, and this was reflected in contracts we won after the end of EXPO 2017 in Astana.

What was the client feedback?

There were those who wished to have had more time to prepare their participation, once they realized all the possibilities that RC Europa provided them within the budget, they had available. It was with astonishment that they realized how a foreign company of stands and exhibitions could be so accessible and adjusted to local reality.

Which opportunities were created with RC Europa's participation in EXPO 2017 ASTANA?

Now, RC Europa has a resident team of 8 people in Astana, fluent in Russian, English and Kazakh, which gained experience and training that under any other circumstances would have taken several years. The Kazakhstan-based office will manage a great part of our future participation in projects at EXPO 2020 DUBAI, and it has become a point of reference in the region, having helped a number of companies in this market, whose coverage and scale is worldwide. For RC Europa, Central Asia will always be a center of distinction and effective capacity, available at short notice.

What are the expectations for the next World EXPO?

Anyone considering having their pavilion or exhibition at the EXPO 2020 DUBAI handled by RC Europa will have one of two possibilities: either many sleepless nights relying on less-experienced companies or peace-of-mind and assurance that RC Europa will handle their Project with highest quality and reliability.  We are looking forward to an exceptional EXPO 2020 Dubai!




Astana, Kazakhstan, 2017

RC Europa served KazAtomProm, the world's largest uranium exporting company. The pavilion was composed of several connected rooms, each with an important level of interaction and content. RC Europa was responsible for all content, games, movies and models – the largest of which was a moving was 3m tall and 1,5m wide. It was the most visited corporate pavilion at the expo



Astana, Kazakhstan, 2017

RC Europa complied and executed everything from the content, the films and the exhibit itself. Much of the work was printed or assembled on-site due to the project’s deadline


KTZ Astana

Astana, Kazakhstan, 2017

The exhibition and educational pavilion at EXPO 2017. The exhibition included full concept design, content Creation and development, including interactive and audiovisual


Citic Group

Astana, Kazakhstan, 2017

CITIC Corporation, one of the largest companies in China and worldwide, required an exhibit in a rather challenging location. The pavilion was a success, due to its highly customised ceiling structure and general convenience for large exhibitions


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